Thursday, June 22, 2017

the story of us (:

she was a small town girl and he was a small town boy, born and raised on opposite sides of the country. he was the first and  she was the second. each of them having different opportunities and experiences, both being raised up in unique ways and circumstances. she was raised in the same home her entire life with mostly the same neighbors and friends. he was not, he moved from house to house, with family being the only consistent people in his life. well, after many houses, many towns, and many states he called tooele home. a place where both of them would call home. two and a half years later by the chance of some of their closest friends they met. they spent the day together enjoying the company of different people. they shared the dance floor for one night, laughs and smiles, while enjoying the company of others. though they did not connect until early spring there had always been something there, and once spring came around it was more obvious than ever. together this time they shared many memories, smiles and laughs. something they had never had before, something that was so dear and special. and it was all theirs, mase and morgs, the story of them.